Slate Grey DoStix

Each set of DoStix contains six pieces:

  • two 1/2" thick DoStix
  • two 1/4" thick DoStix
  • two 1/8" thick DoStix 


Evenly Rolled Dough Made Easy!

Simply place your dough between the DoStix of the desired thickness, make sure your rolling pin contacts the sticks on both ends and roll away, the DoStix will stop you when your dough is properly rolled. The 1/2" thick DoStix can also be used on their sides to achieve a thickness of 1".  Each piece is 14 inches in length.  Another great feature: they don't slip as you work!  DoStix can be used for all kinds of baking dough including cookies, pies, pastries, cinnamon rolls, fondant, and more!  DoStix should be washed by hand because the high heat of diswashers may warp the 1/8" stix.  

Free Shipping!!!

The $10.00 charge is all you will pay if you live in the lower 48 United States, we take care of the shipping!  Orders will be shipped by USPS First Class Mail.  Total cost to you (if you live in the lower 48 United States) will be $10.00.


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