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Posted by Gregory Luna on October 10, 2013 2 Comments

Readers, I'm mixing it up.  Not literally.  For a while I've been wanting to try something other than edibles for the DoStix blog.  I did some surfing on Pinterest and bumped in to plenty of good ideas, as one does when surfing Pinterest.  DoStix projects have been hard to squeeze in because I wanted to finish my house projects before my new job started.  This craft project is easy enough for a week night so I went for it.  As usual, here is the before picture.  Note the special ingredient.

Before I get to far in I want to pose a question.  Does anyone else feel less adequate after spending time on Pinterest?  It's great fun to scroll through all those fab craft/baking/home improvement/sewing/fitness/health projects and it gets me thinking creatively.  The down side is that I get all these idea and no hope of having the time to do it all.  Don't we feel like that enough already?  My philosophy is this: look for fun and keep it to a minimum.  Also, are my projects perfect?  No.  Do they look like the pictures online?  Rarely.  Did I at least try and have a cocktail while I was trying.  Certainly.  Let's proceed.

I bought this clay at the local art supply store near Drake University.  I wanted small amounts so I could fiddle without having to destroy mass quantities of product.  It was inexpensive and they had an array of colors.  I also picked a big chunk for Greg to make a fake hand for a Halloween gift exchange at work (not pictured).  I'll let you know how that turns out....

The best thing about this project is how easy it was.  No prep, few "ingredients", and short baking time.  Like I said, good for a weeknight project and a nice kid project too (no kids were used in the making of this blog post).  First I used the 1/4" DoStix but the rolled out clay was too thick for my liking.  I downsized to the 1/8" and it was perfect.  The amount of each color of clay I bought made a circle about 5 inches in diameter.  Next step: place the doily on the clay and roll over again with the rolling pin. 

The next best thing about this project is the price tag.  The doilies were free, the clay was cheap, and I used cookie cutters we already had.  Since these doilies were stained and a bit rough around the edges, they are just right for this project.  This clay isn't sticky so I didn't worry about the counter top, rolling pin or other supplies.  Even the doilies could be reused.   

I had some ideas as I went along about what shapes, sizes and functions I wanted.  I used small bowls to get the shapes I wanted and popped them in the oven for about 15 minutes.

The finished product is not like a hard fired clay, it's almost like dried leather.  It has a bit of flex but holds its shape.  I love it.  When I do this again I think I'll make more ornaments.  I like the size and they way they look is holiday-ish but not too frilly (I'm not into frilly).  I guess festive would be the right word.

I'm hoping to get posts done more regularly as the weather turns cooler.  Keep checking back!


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Deb! Thanks for your questions! Yes, I draped the bowl shaped ones over a small Pyrex bowl. The clay is fairly stiff but not enough to hold a shape by itself.

I think you could spray some kind of lacquer on the clay for more sparkle. Also, they had some clay that was metallic like the silver one I show in the post. The ornament I made was really cute and it’s just so easy to do.

I posted more photos in an album on our Facebook page. The album shows more of the action shots like how I draped the clay over/in bowls to get shapes. Our blog site makes it hard to posts lots and lots of photos because they take forever to load!

Happy crafting!

Posted by DoStix on October 11, 2013

This is cool, Erica. I want to make all new things for our tree this year, and I thank you for getting me started! A couple of questions:

On the bowls, did you have to drape them over something before they baked, or did they just hold themselves up?

Do you think you could paint some clear gloss something or other on the ornaments to make them more reflective? THX!

Posted by deb on October 11, 2013

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