Tomato Tart and Special Announcement!

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Over the weekend my mom gave me a bunch of tomatoes and I needed to think of something creative to do with them. We’ve had plenty of BLT’s and caprese salad already this summer so what you get for this blog is a tomato tart! Another treat for this blog post is guest photographer, Greg Luna. He got a fancy new camera last week so I enticed him to take photos as I made the recipe. Thankfully he gave me some helpful tips as he was snapping away.

Ok, I’ll stop teasing you too. Our big news is that DoStix are going to be in two publications this fall! Hobby Home Farm and O! The Oprah Magazine are both going to feature DoStix in their respective December issues and we couldn’t be more excited. I’m going to use this as an excuse for my tardiness in posting a new blog entry. We’ve got a lot of prep to do to be ready for holiday season!

Now for the business at hand.  Here is the link to the recipe: Tomato Tart  I made the dough in the morning yesterday which took very little time.  It needed to chill so I put it together before I went out to get the other supplies I needed. Later in the afternoon I got started on the bulk of the recipe, starting with roasting garlic. I know not everyone wants to be using the oven these days but it’s cooled off here and frankly, I love the smell of garlic in the oven. While the garlic was roasting I rolled out the dough and fitted it to the tart pan. It was pretty stiff and I struggled to roll it out. Greg’s tip was to hammer at it until it flattened enough to more easily roll it. Genius. For the first time, I used the 1/8 inch DoStix. Having a longer rolling pin would have been beneficial because the recipe called for a 12” round(ish) dough. 

Greg also recommended just pulling pieces of dough off and rolling them into the rest of the dough to get the shape and size I needed.  Being the foodstylist he is, he has to do these things all the time.  Finally, his new favorite way to move dough (his words) is to fold it in quarters and place it in the baking pan.  I was trying to roll it on to the pin and not having much success. 

Whew!  With the dough in place, I finished working with the garlic and arranged the garlic, tomatoes, and cheese in the chilled dough.  My friend Amanda gave us some basil so we decided to add it.  In to the oven it went!  The dough looked good and browned at about 45 minutes so I took it out to cool.  It smelled so good! 

I like the taste of this recipe but if I make it again, I would make some changes.  I would add another layer or two of tomatoes and cheese.  The basil was a good addition so I would probably stick with that as well.  This recipe is more of a weekend process unless you can do the dough and roasted garlic ahead of time.  The hands-on steps are not hard or time consuming but the roasting, chilling, and baking take a lot of time.  Behold the finished product!  I had the leftovers for breakfast and they were still tasty! 

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