Shortbread Cookies

Posted by Gregory Luna on July 25, 2013 1 Comment

The oppressive heat we’ve had here in central Iowa lately has finally broken for some much needed relief.  I can’t said I would normally be excited to be baking in late July but the pleasant weather and an upcoming event have gotten me in the mood.

This weekend a few of my family members and I are hosting a wedding shower for my future sister in law, Jessie.  The menu plan is brunch-oriented but I personally eat cookies at all times of the day so they fit with a brunch theme, in my humble opinion.  DoStix recently started a Pinterest account, which has been lots of fun so far.  Browsing through the pins has stirred my creativity and given me a bounty of new ideas for future blogs.  That’s where I came across this recipe for Pecan Toffee Shortbread Stars from Cook’s Country magazine’s website. 

As I write this, I am eating one of the cookies.  My comment: YUM.  I’ve never made shortbread cookies before, mostly sugar and drop cookies, so it was a bit of an adventure.  I bought the ingredients this morning and ran into a slight snag: the recipe called for toffee bits without chocolate.  All my local grocery store had were ones with chocolate.  I bought the ones they had and omitted mini semi-sweet chocolate chips from my dough with the intend of doubling the toffee bits to compensate. 

Hmmm, I don't recall getting this at the store......

Upon returning home, I consulted Mr. Luna, who is a food stylist by trade, as you know, who said that toffee bits without chocolate are hard to find.  Since I know my readers include Des Moines area residents- HyVee has toffee bits sans chocolate, Dahl’s does not.  The next time I make this recipe I will use the no-chocolate bits.  Cook’s Country does a ton of testing for their recipes so if they call for these bits, I’m sure there’s a reason.   

My mom, who has an impressive collection of vintage aprons, recently gave me a cute apron to wear while baking for DoStix.  I realized a few minutes into my work that it was hanging in the stairway and I should try it out for today’s blog.  My next thought was that I was wearing bicycle shorts and a running shirt so maybe today isn’t the day to sport the apron. 

My usual baking chaos:

The dough was easy to mix together and in many ways, I found it easier to work with than sugar cookie dough.  It did take me some time to finely chop the pecans- I’m not proficient in chopping.  My mind turned to that Slap Chop thing from tv but I’m sure it looks better than it is. 

As per recipe instructions, I refrigerated my dough while I ran some errands.  That was a mistake.  The dough was so hard I couldn’t roll it!  I gave it some time to warm up and it rolled out easily.  Next time- no refrigeration!


I went with the same star shape used in the recipe and I think they look cute.  You do have to work around some bits as you use the cookie cutter and realize these cookies do not have perfect edges.  I say when imperfection is caused by bits of pecans and toffee- so be it. 

The cooking times were true to the recipe and I’m very happy with the results.  The next step is to see what the shower guests, and most importantly Jessie, think of them.  Jessie is no slacker in the kitchen (she also is a user and support of DoStix!) and she knows a quality baked good when she sees it.  I’ll be sure to update you after the shower!           

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They were perfect! I had more than one… and that was on top of the plate full of other yummy food I had :)

Posted by Jessie on July 28, 2013

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