Mother's Day Under $20

Posted by Gregory Luna on April 29, 2013 0 Comments

Today I put together a quick but really cute Mother's Day gift featuring DoStix that I want to share with you.  My thinking with this gift was that many moms don't want much for Mother's Day gifts but some thought put into a small gift goes a long way to get brownie points with Mom.

This gift is less than $20 and took me about 10 minutes to put together.  Yes, it was easy and quick but let me tell you about the details, which were thought out.  I used to collect postcards when I was a kid (and I still have them all) so I thought a vintage inspired postcard would be a great recipe card.  I picked one that I thought my mom would like, adapted a sugar cookie recipe I use and wrote it on the back of the card.  (See the end of this post for postcards that didn't make the cut).  Of course, you could type the recipe but I think writing it makes it more personal and old-fashioned, which I'm into and so is my mom.  

Next, I went to my stash of spare ribbons and picked a coordinating one.  Earlier today I picked up a cookie cutter for less than one dollar to complete the gift.  The one I picked seemed vintage looking to me and looks nice with the card and DoStix.  I tied it all together and we have a nice gift!  

I had other postcards that were nice but not quite right.  I love this one but it says Best Wishes.  It also says "From Floyd" and is postmarked 1912.  I just couldn't bear to erase that to write a sugar cookie recipe.  The next one is beautiful but is for a birthday.  I'll tuck that away for a different occasion. 


This one makes a statement.  What kind of statement is really up to you....


Finally, these are just awesome.  The kittens one would have been my second choice after what I chose above.  Truly.


Happy Mother's Day! 


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