Gold Star(s) for me! My first DoStix Experience

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It's a gloomy day in the middle of Iowa so I thought it would be a perfect day to try my first recipe using DoStix.  I’ve learned a lot today including the fact that we need a new hand mixer.  The beaters are knocking together creating quite a lot of noise.  So much so that the dog had to bark about it, which upset the cats, which upset me.  Once we all settled down, things went pretty well.

I chose a sugar cookie recipe from a church cookbook.  I don’t know about other states, but Iowa has a long tradition of church ladies compiling recipes into a book that the church sells as a fundraiser.  The other church cookbook I have has a recipe for “Mashed Potato Doughnut Balls”.  Don’t expect to see me making that on the blog any time soon.

My cookie recipe is titled “1,2,3,4 Sugar Cookies”.  I don’t know what all the counting is about but the recipe looked easy which I found appealing.  The quantity of cookies it produces is stated as “many dozens”.  Precision.  I like that.

I got all my stuff out to make the cookies this morning and what a quaint little scene it was!

Don’t worry, I destroyed the space within seconds of starting to mix ingredients. The recipe came together well.  Although the instructions did not say to refrigerate the dough, I did anyway.  I divided it into three portions of more or less equal size and put them in the fridge to chill.  I should mention that I combined this cookie project with another project I'm working on.  I have a goal to listen to all of my about 500 records (both sides).  Going alphabetically these were today's selections.  Not bad listening at all!

In the mean time I made my icing.  Greg recommended using royal icing to decorate the cookies.  Specifically the recipe from the blog Bake at 350.  See the instructions at this link:

I was nervous about this icing because I’ve never made it before and it also required using the behemoth KitchenAid mixer that has been in our kitchen for years.  I’ve never used one of these mixers and I couldn’t even be sure it worked because I've never seen this one in operation although I look at it every single day.  I hefted it on the counter and gave it a try- success!  Once I figured out that the top didn’t flip up (like I see on tv cooking shows) but the bowl lifted to the paddle, things went great.  I had to search the internet to figure that out.  Duh.


After making the icing, I put it aside and started working with my chilled dough.  I got one of the thirds of dough and placed it between my ¼ inch set of DoStix.  I made sure to have plenty of flour on the counter and on my rolling pin.  I have to say, and I know I’m biased, but DoStix really do make this process a breeze.  This part of cookie making is certainly a part that I’ve fretted over in the past.  The thickness was perfect and it only took me a few seconds to roll out the dough.


I wanted to make star shaped cookies so I got to work cutting them out of the dough.  After baking my first batch I decided to leave them in a couple of minutes longer (the first round was a bit doughy).  Also, the shape of the stars wasn’t quite what I wanted so for lack of a better idea, I just bent the cookie cutter in a bit to make sharper angles.  They looked better after that.

Once the first sets cooled, I started in on the decorating process.  I outlined the shape with a stiff batch of icing and then thinned the remaining icing to fill the middle of the cookie.  The first few I iced were not exactly ready for photography, but I did get better at is as went along.  I got so engrossed in what I was doing that my records ended about halfway through my decorating process so all I had for background noise was my favorite cat Hobo purring loudly in encouragement. 

I got about 30 cookies that look decent for my first attempt at all this.  I’ll let the cookies sit overnight and I plan to take them the homeless shelter tomorrow. 

Since I had a bit of extra dough, I tried two other cookie cutters that I am thinking of using for bake sale fundraiser cookies early next month.  However, after today’s experience, I think I should stick with something simpler since I want people to buy the cookies and they need to look good.  I like the shapes but I don’t think my icing skills are there yet.

In conclusion I did several new things today and I’m pretty happy with myself.  For next time I think I'll get a squirt bottle to apply the icing instead of the quart bag I used.  It's a small investment to make things go a little better and faster. 



It took nearly all day but I did it! 


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They look great! Good enough to make an appearance at the Art Center ;)

Posted by Emily on April 10, 2013

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